You are helping her!

September 27, 2019

You are helping her change her life.

This is what young women are saying about Mary's House:  


"I love this place sooo loving so kind so sweet.they are like sisters even though we are not the same color the love was there.and they asked me important questions and just supported me God bless these women"


"Best place in America if they could deliver my child I would so be all for it. Their service was amazing it’s like these ladies are heaven sent and actually care about you genuinely . Glad I found them ." 

"Omg I love Mary's house it's a great place too they help you with everything you need when you're pregnant and you're not alone in it they are right there with you every step of the way and they are such nice, kind, and generous people you would love them and they…give you baby thing and give you a baby shower and they let you pick out any baby thing you want … need any help please go too Mary's because killing your baby is not the answer this a wonderful place and they do your ultrasound and everything when you find out your pregnant and everything is free"
Love is strong as death. Song of Songs 8:6
It's people like you that make Mary's House possible.


Thank you!

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