Story of Hope and Good News

July 21, 2020

Octavia* and her 14-year old daughter, Jenny,* arrived at Mary's House for a scheduled appointment. After confirming her pregnancy, Jenny said she wanted to talk with the peer counselor alone, so Octavia asked to speak to someone about their situation.  This is her story.

Many of the women Octavia knew had babies as early as 15 years old and she swore she was not going to do that in her life.  She finished school, had a job and a place to live before she had her oldest child.

"Now here is my daughter repeating the same story."  Octavia's voice was discouraged.  She felt like she couldn't talk to anyone,  "I have to watch everything I say because they will be judging me." 

As counselors do for every patient, Octavia and I talked in detail about adoption, abortion, and parenting.  She wanted to know more about Heart of Hope maternity home, and about Embrace Grace for single and pregnant young women at area churches.

Soon, Jenny was ready for her ultrasound and our conversation ended.  Before Octavia went to the ultrasound room, she asked, "Can I come back and talk to you? You have helped me so much."

Octavia and Jenny left Mary's House with a confirmation of pregnancy, an ultrasound, a doctor's appointment, and HOPE that things might turn out better than they thought. 

Two weeks later, Jenny has been to her first doctor's appointment and has enrolled in Embrace Grace.  Octavia continues to keep in touch with us at Mary's House and we hope to hear about that new baby's arrival in the New Year!

*Names changed

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