So many emotions...

October 3, 2022

Have you or someone you know had an unplanned pregnancy? 
Talk about a flood of emotions...every young woman has her own story. 

It might be her first baby, or she might have other children already. Her family might not be happy about her situation and the pregnancy, the father of the baby might not want the baby – hurtful words fly. 

A year later with a baby, things are even harder than she imagined. She’s got food stamps and government assistance and maybe a job at a telemarketing company. But she doesn’t have what we all need – people who care about her. People who give her hope.

Meridith* shared what Mary's House and Embrace Grace meant to her.

 "Thank you so much for giving me all the encouragement that I needed - hope and support. 

I needed every bit of it. Mary's House was a sacred place for me.

Every lady there brought me so much peace.

I felt like I was apart of a huge loving family.

I learned so much about myself here....and it's all because of Mary's House and EVERYONE in it."

Shower Leslie An Eg Mom

That’s what you do for single moms when Embrace Grace and Embrace Life groups start at your church – You give hope, encouragement and guidance. Be on the lookout at your church for Embrace Grace or Embrace Life groups - reach out to the leaders to let them know you want to help!  When you help a single mom, you help her, her children and everyone around her.  You make all the difference!



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