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March 26, 2020

Brave Is A Choice

Embrace Life Bloom reaches out to another mom 

Last week, even though Embrace Life isn't meeting anymore - because of the virus - one of the Blooms called another pregnant mom in the class who was alone to let her know she was bringing supper and diapers to her. I love her example - one brave mom helping a new friend who has a big need!  

You're in this with us

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Maybe we can't see patients in person at Mary's House while we're under the Shelter in Place order, but we're reaching out by phone to all the girls who had appointments this week.  Their reaction? Relief, answers to their questions, and knowing that Mary's House cares - even if it's a phone call. 

Because you've been a supporter for years or you might have come for the first time to the 2020 Fete For Life, you've made it possible for us to calmly talk to young women about their pregnancies and help them make a plan for themselves and their babies - even in pandemic times. 

Thank you for your prayers and donations that make Mary's House a shelter in the storm.

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