One-Liner Mission Statement

June 6, 2019

Last Thursday, we had a volunteer meeting at Mary’s House.  There are over 40 women who regularly volunteer here, month in and month out.  When a company has that many employees, it’s important that there is unity in how to describe that place.  We have over 40 volunteers, shouldn’t we do the same?  At that meeting, everyone got a yellow slip of paper stating a one-liner that is the mission of Mary’s House.  I asked everyone to memorize it so when someone asked, they would be able to say clearly, exactly what Mary’s House does. 

Mary’s House is a pregnancy care center that offers free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, peer counseling and help getting a doctor for pregnant women.

 Next time you are with one of your friends or acquaintances who volunteers at Mary’s House, ask her, “What does Mary’s House do?” Hopefully, she’ll be able to respond with that one-liner.  And then she’ll share all the things she loves when she volunteers here!

Just tell her “Thank you!” and give her a big hug.  Mary’s House wouldn’t be, without our volunteers.

Grateful for every one of them,

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