"I'm worried I might be pregnant."

September 30, 2022

You might have seen our Facebook post last week about “I’m worried I might be pregnant.”  Worry is what brings many women to Mary's House...

"Am I really pregnant?"
"How far along am I?"
"I need to call a doctor..."

Andrea* thought she was pregnant. She had some symptoms, but still wasn’t sure.  She was worried.  When she called her regular OB, Andrea was surprised when they told her their Medicaid “panel” was full, and the doctor couldn’t take her as a patient. She called two more doctors, and got the same answer - “No.” 

Discouragement filled her heart until one of the offices told her to call Mary’s House. "They will help you."
At Mary’s House, Andrea’s pregnancy was confirmed, she had an ultrasound and found out the baby’s estimated due date.  Because Mary's House partners with doctors' offices, pregnant women can get easier access to prenatal care. So when the counselor called the doctor's office from Mary's House to set up an appointment, Andrea's prenatal care was assured. She's due in November and looking forward to the arrival of a healthy baby boy.
You’ve made it possible for pregnant women to find easy and early access to prenatal care when they come to Mary's House.  What a difference you've made to Andrea and 550 other moms this year!

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