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I "Liked" It

May 11, 2019
Heart Candy Button

Remember when you were in school and you wanted to show support for something, you wore a t-shirt or a button so everyone could see it?

The same principle applies to Facebook and Instagram with "liking" and "sharing" posts.

If you "like" or "share" a Mary's House post, your friends will see that post! If one of your friends "likes" or "shares" the post, then their friends will see it, and so on. It's like a big chain reaction of support for Mary's House!

Why does this matter? Facebook and Instagram make sure people see posts that are getting attention. So if you and everyone else that follows Mary's House on Facebook and Instagram "like" and "share" our posts, your attention helps Mary's House be seen by an even wider audience. You can help tell people who you've never even met about Mary's House!

Your "share" may even lead a young woman overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy to find help at Mary's House.

With the push of a button, you can show your support for Mary's House and help our posts reach more people! 

Help spread the word - start by following us on Facebook and Instagram now! 

Not sure how to follow? Follow the links above and click the "Like" and "Follow" buttons on our pages. (You'll have to be logged in.) Then, you'll see our posts regularly!

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