A Blessed Gift - Sweet Adoption Story

June 19, 2023

Thanks to your support more than 3000 women have come to Mary's House for help in their pregnancies. Here’s an adoption story we thought you’d want to know about…

Michael and Josie* recently stopped by Mary’s House on their way to the airport to catch a flight home – they wanted to introduce the newborn baby they adopted.

A very special mom who had visited Mary’s House chose to bless them with her child. 

Adoption seems an obvious choice to us in some situations, but it's not an easy thing to do. I think it's the greatest sacrifice a mother could choose. 

Making sacrifices, especially huge ones like having someone else love and raise your child is not something many of us have practice doing. When a young woman thinks about adoption as a choice she might make, it takes months of thinking about it and working with an agency or an attorney to answer questions and decide if this is something she really wants to do.

Then, the day comes when she delivers her baby. God made mothers to bond with their babies - it's a natural thing. So if she chooses adoption, she might feel like she is going against that natural bonding - against her heart. That's why adoption is such a selfless act.

For Michael and Josie, they will keep in touch with the mom, send pictures, and let that sweet baby know how much love she has for her baby...their baby. They will be such good parents and the baby will grow up knowing God's great love.

Please pray for all the young women who come to Mary's House for help in their pregnancies. God loves them so very much and He needs us to care for them.

Thank you for everything you've done for the women who have come to Mary's House - we can't do this without you!

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