After Mary's House, What Then?

September 5, 2019

While all the kids are excited about going back to school, there’s a class starting at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for single and pregnant women looking for help in an unplanned pregnancy. It’s Embrace Grace!

Embrace Grace is a program to help us (in the church) reach out to attract young women in an unplanned pregnancy who might be having a hard time. She might be afraid, mad, feeling alone, rejected -

and then she finds out about Embrace Grace at a church…not a church she’s ever been to, she probably doesn’t go to church. But a church that's doing what Archbishop Chaput said to do, “You have to love them, and they have to KNOW that you love them." 

That is exactly what Embrace Grace does!  The church creates an atmosphere of love and grace for the Embrace Grace “Blooms” to grow in faith and hope during what might be a difficult season in their lives.

Here are the short answers to Who, What, When, Where and Why

Who is Embrace Grace for?  Pregnant and single women.

What:   A 12- week program hosted by a church that believes every woman deserves unconditional love and support throughout her pregnancy.  At the end of the program, a church wide Baby Shower is held for all of the moms who complete the program.

When:  Embrace Grace is usually held in the Fall or the Spring. 

Where:  Embrace Grace programs are popping up all over Shreveport, Bossier, and Minden!  Churches that have already held Embrace Grace are St. John Berchmans, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Word of God Ministries, First Baptist in Bossier, Celebration Church, St. Jude in Benton, Summer Grove, Brookwood, First Baptist in Minden.

Why:  Because each mom and baby are loved and worth it!  Classes and the Baby Shower are concrete ways the young moms come to KNOW that they are loved by God and us.  They begin to BELIEVE they have what it takes to be a good mom. 

Do you want to be on the front line watching miracles happen?  Check with your church to find out if there's an Embrace Grace program there or reach out to another church and offer your help.

Thank you for all the encouragement and love you give to Mary's House - you're making a difference in girls' and babies lives!  Embrace Grace is their next step in faith and hope for their lives!

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